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PR1000 Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Entrepreneur PR1000 or PR1000e to add some great features! Enrich your innovative embroidery machine with professional functions such as Image Scanning, Color Shuffling™ and Onscreen Auto Resizing with Auto Density Fill.


    Key Features:

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      Brother PR1000 Upgrade Kit Software

      The premium upgrade kit allows you even more features to the existing machine. The upgrade enables your camera to be used as a scanner, which makes placement of embroidery easy and quick and effortless. The colour shuffling and manual colour sequence functions are just a few of the new features included.
      • Manual colour sequence – change on-screen with a minimum of fuss
      • Stitch recalculate – enables you to resize designs without losing density
      • Embroidery pattern connection using the camera – easy alignment for flawless continuous borders