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    • Brother PR1000 Upgrade Kit Software
      Upgrade your Entrepreneur PR1000 or PR1000e to add some great features! Enrich your innovative embroidery machine with professional functions such as Image Scanning, Color Shuffling™ and Onscreen Auto Resizing with Auto Density Fill.
    • Brother PE-Design 10 Upgrade Kit Software
      Upgrade PE-Design versions 5/6/7/8/NEXT to the new PE-Design 10 and extend your creativity with this new enhanced and improved embroidery software edition. It takes your software to the next level with many other amazing features such as enhanced lettering, more stitch and pattern variations and more built-in fonts.
    • Brother PE-Design 10 Software
      Extend your creativity and open up a world of creative embroidery with our user-friendly software. It is designed for entrepreneurs keeping business in mind. You can turn into a pattern any image you want. The sky is the limit.