Electrician and Network

Our labelling range specifically for electricians and network infrastructure has been designed to make your life easier on site.

Label Printer for Electrician and Network

The top six reasons for labelling:

Label Printer - Identification

Leave your work clearly and neatly labelled. Use a Brother P-touch label printer to create labels for: cables and cabling, wires, fuse boxes, faceplates, distribution boards and consumer units.

Also ideal for: warning and hazard signs, bus duct risers and electrical trunking and conduits.

You can also create labels that contain your contact details (including company logo on PT-E550WVP), to help guarantee work in the future.

Label Printer - Connectivity

Simplify the installation of cables by attaching a Brother durable label to each end of the wire. This helps ensure connections are made correctly and minimises the time taken for troubleshooting and fault finding if there are problems.

By using Brother genuine tapes in your P-touch label printer, you can be assured that labels you create will be legible and stay attached for years to come.

Label Printer - Compliance

The Brother P-touch PT-E550WVP in conjunction with the Cable Label Tool app for Apple and Android devices allows the creation of labels that meet many of the identification requirements of the electrical regulations.

And our strong adhesive tapes meet the Underwriters Laboratories UL-969 standards, while our heat-shrink tube tape meets UL-224 standards.

Label Printer - Maintenance

Any follow-up visits for maintenance or testing are made easier thanks to clearly labelled faceplates, panels, cables and wires, conduits and machinery.

Label Printer - Hazard

Ensuring hazards are identified and appropriate signage applied is a critical. The P-touch PT-E550WVP with its large 24mm tape width produces text that's easy-to-read, and by using yellow or red coloured tape makes signs that are highly visible.

Label Printer - Information
Public Safety Information

Print highly visible general warning signs on demand, wherever and whenever required. Brother fluorescent yellow and orange labels can be used to warn of potential danger, printed and applied immediately to the area of concern.

Tapes for cable marking

Brother recognizes the importance of correct and reliable cable and wire identification.
That is why we have developed four different types of tapes for cable marking:
Label Printer - Flexible ID Tape
Flexible ID Tape (TZe-FX series)

Developed for electricians, network infrastructure, panel builders and other industries that require a reliable identification solution, this tape can be used to mark cylindrical shaped items where other tapes may peel over time.

  • For wrapping around cables with a diameter of 3mm or more.
  • Use as a flag label around cables with a diameter of 3mm or more.

Label Printer - Self-Laminating Tape
Self-Laminating Tape (TZe-SL series)

The protective overlaminate being applied to the whole label at the time of printing can wrap around CAT5E and even the thicker CAT6A network cables providing extra protection for the text on the label.

  • Use 24mm label width for cables with a diameter of 3mm to 6.6mm.
  • Use 36mm label width for cables with a diameter of 3mm to 10.4mm.

Label Printer - Die-cut Flag Tape
Die-cut Flag Tape (FLe series)

Suitable for cables with small diameter and ideal for fibre optic cable identification in the network industry. The label is pre-cut and once printed, once printed the long "tail" can be placed around the cable and the label simply folded over the tail to lock the label into position.

  • For cables with a diameter of 2.0 to 8.0mm.

Label Printer - Heat Shrink Tube
Heat Shrink Tube (HSe series)

This non-adhesive marker is made of a special material that is stored in the tape cassette as a flat tube. Once printed, the tube is opened up and passed over a cable or terminating connector. After heating, the tube will shrink to about half its original width, taking the shape of the cable or connector.

  • For identification of cables and terminating connectors.

Business Solutions

Label Printer - Labels designed for your industry
Label Printer - Compliant with regulations
Compliant with regulations

Our label printers don't just help you deliver a great job, but one that's compliant with the labelling requirements of the wiring regulations too. Our flagship PT-E550WVP label printer allows you to create simple identification labels or more detailed warning/guidance notices with ease.

Built for your convenience Ready to print whenever you are, these models are perfect for working on-site. The PT-E550WVP model even lets you print directly from your smartphone or tablet using our Pro Label Tool app.

Improved on-site efficiency Make on-site labelling as quick and easy as possible. With fast print speeds, label preview, high-strength cutter and wired/wireless connectivity to your laptop*.

Label Printer - Compliant with regulations
Label Printer - Brother Pro Label Tool app
Label Printer - Labels designed for your industry
Labels designed for your industry
From 6mm to 36mm, our industry-leading labels are tested to the extreme to meet the demands of your profession.

Choose from:
  • TZe tapes with hard-wearing laminated technology
  • Strong adhesive tapes with 50% more strength to stay put in the most demanding environments
  • High-grade, flexible ID tapes that wrap securely around wires and cables
  • Heat shrink tubes for clear cable identification**

Take advantage of fully customisable text and a range of built-in industry symbols and templates - plus you can even add your company logo and contact details.**
Label Printer - Compliant with regulations
Label Printer - Brother iLink&Label app
Label Printer - Brother Pro Label Tool app
Brother Pro Label Tool app

Create labels for faceplates, cables and network equipment directly on your smartphone, and print them wirelessly to your PT-E550WVP, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW or PT-E850TKWLI label printers.

This free app has templates for common label types to make the process quick and simple.

Label Printer - Compliant with regulations
Label Printer - Compliant with regulations
Label Printer - Brother iLink&Label app
Brother iLink&Label app

Connect to your Fluke Networks Linkware Live projects, select and download the cable ID's required, then print them on your PT-E550WVP label printer.

The Brother iLink&Label app saves time, eliminates typing errors and ensures that your cables are labelled correctly, every time.

Label Printer - Compliant with regulations