Foiled-fused documents in different colours

Create impactful, luxurious documents such as invitations, anniversary cards, or event certifications with HAK-100. Transform toner-printed materials into vibrant, enhanced creations with colors like gold or silver.


Learn about the essential features of the HAK-100

Woman and man in flower shop potting plants, HAK hot foil printer in the background

Ideal for small businesses that require a flawless finish

Unlike other large foiling machines for industrial use, the HAK-100 is compact and easy to place anywhere, while still offering high productivity without the need for molds.

Our desktop hot foil printing machine is designed for small, on-demand print jobs, making it perfect for creating custom cards and documents for any occasion.

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Person changes foil roll on HAK-100

Convenient and easy to use

Our hot foil printing machine uses a cartridge system that makes changing foil rolls quick and easy. In less than a minute, the HAK-100 is ready to use again.

This stand-alone hot foil printing machine requires no additional devices or software. Simply insert a laser-printed document (single or multi-page) and the machine will do the rest.

HAK-100 print examples, greeting cards in red and silver foil

Comprehensive range of foil rolls

With gold and silver as the most popular colors, the range also includes red, blue, green, copper, rose gold, and turquoise foil rolls to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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