Labels for Home and Small Office

Want order in your house, workshop, garden and office?
Simplify your life by labelling everything from the children’s lunchboxes, dad’s tools, herbs in the garden, food jars, storage containers, and to all your files.
P-touch electronic labellers include models with simple operations that can be used easily by anyone.

Labels for Business

Whether your office is in a commercial building or at the back of a warehouse, P-touch laminated labels can help you stay organized. Our labels come in many sizes and colour combinations that expand the range of labelling applications. In addition, P-touch laminated labels can be made as an alternative to engraving name plates and badges, or for placing onto windows and glass for small signs, and even with a non-reflective matt finish for labelling originals.

Labels for Industrial Use

Brother P-touch electronic labellers can produce low cost, industrial-quality labels for usage in warehouses, machinery workshops and factories. P-touch laminated labels have been tested to meet strict manufacturing requirements, including chemical exposures, extreme temperatures and abrasion. They can be integrated into a manufacturing resource planning system that produces laminated labels directly from databases for bin box and shelf labels, parts and sub-assembly number labels, electrical & datacom, and serial number labels. On the production floor, P-touch laminated labels are easy to make and are perfect for custom and short run production labels.