Professional Embroidery Machine: Turning Hobbies Into Businesses

Professional Embroidery Machine: Turning Hobbies Into Businesses

In an era when most people are dependent on technology, finding a hobby that is nowhere related to the internet, mobile, computer, or other online apps has become a challenge. However, there are people who still find old hobbies enjoyable up to this date. We are talking about embroidery.

Embroidery is the art of applying different sewing techniques to create intricate designs on any textile. It is used to customize fabrics or clothing with names, characters, or just about any design.

In the early years, people do embroidery by hand, but with the continuous technological advancements, embroidery machines were developed. Both hand and machine-made embroideries can give the same result as long as patterns or guides are followed; but with a machine, it is obviously faster and easier especially for businesses.  

Over the years, embroidery machines have undergone innovations; adding up different advanced features to meet the continuous and progressing needs of the users. These improvements allow operators to utilize the machine not only for personal; but for commercial purposes and eventually make a business out of it.

Professional embroidery machine for business

For a simple hobbyist, a professional embroidering machine is not a necessity. However, if you are planning to take that hobby to the next level and start your own business, this article might help you decide easier.

Advantages of Professional Embroidery Machines in an Embroidery Business

Accuracy and Uniformity of Designs

Professional Embroidery Machines create uniform and accurate designs in every clothing. Imagine you are producing more than one garment or bulk order with the same design. Bet it wouldn’t be nice to see inaccuracies in details for every piece made.

Since manual embroidering involves drawing a pattern for every piece; it is impossible to eliminate human error especially if you are preparing a bulk order. With Brother’s professional embroidery machines that come with state-of-the-art features and easy-to-use technology; hobbyists and entrepreneurs can now do embroidery of unlimited garments with more accuracy and excellent quality.


Just like any other machine, one of the most obvious reasons for using a professional embroidery machine is its efficiency; especially for businesses. Although hand embroidering can also give the same output, it is very evident that using the machine helps to significantly reduce the production period; allowing you to create more in less time.

Apart from this, you can eliminate manual tracing on every garment; which is a huge relief and a time saver, especially for bulk orders.

Increased Productivity

Most embroidery businesses trade manual labor for machines despite the huge investment in the initial stage. One obvious reason is that machines can significantly increase productivity in a short time; therefore it can reduce your total cost of ownership in the long run.

With embroidery machines, users get to spend less time supervising the production process; reducing the downtime for changing threads, adjusting the fabric, etc. At a switch of a button, the time for prolonged processes can easily be eliminated and turned into productivity.

Instant Changes are Possible

For manual embroidering, even minor changes can mean additional tasks and resources. The worst is that some alterations would require going through the same procedures from the beginning.

Brother’s professional embroidery machines come with advanced and digital features that allow making variations hassle-free. Like the PR680W Commercial Embroidery Machine, which has a 10.1” built-in HD LCD display with large icons; allowing you to make on-screen editing in a snap.

Different application of professional embroidery machines

Unlimited Creativity

Sometimes, not having the proper and sufficient resources can limit your creativity; as you will have doubts about your capacity to deliver the required design.

With our range of professional embroidery machines, you will be confident to produce the exact design you dream of. This helps you explore more and stretch your creativity further.

In addition, our professional embroidery machines come with hundreds of built-in designs. Monogramming, frame pattern combinations, and various buttonhole styles are some other features to help you create your next projects.

Brother Embroidery Machines with Professional Results

A professional embroidery machine may not be all hobbyist’s cup of tea; but it surely is a perfect buddy if you are planning to take that hobby to the next level. Brother’s range of professional embroidery machines includes:

  • PR680W – a 6-needle embroidery machine with wireless capability;
  • PR1055X – the most innovative 10-needle embroidery machine with an extra-large work area ready for your bigger projects;
  • VR – the new single needle machine combining commercial features and easy-to-use technology.

These machines are all well-designed to help you kickstart your own business with high-quality products, hassle-free!

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