New Look, Same Great Quality

We are pleased to announce that we will be transiting our toner cartridges to a brand new packaging from August 2021. The transition will occur over a couple of months, and do not be alarmed if you see both the current and new packaging in the retail stores.

Monochrome Toner

Color Toner

Why the change?

Our new and improved packaging will help you easily differentiate the genuine toners from counterfeit toners. There is no change in the toner cartridge.

We have also enlarged the text and removed the dash from the model number on the packaging* so you can easily identify which toner is right for you. E.g. Current: TN-1000 > New: TN1000

Click here to see the list of toners that will have a change in packaging.

*The dash is only removed from the packaging. The model number on the toner cartridge itself still includes the dash.