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    We recommend updating the firmware for the following models: MFC-L2885DW, MFC-L2805DW, DCP-L2640DW, DCP-L2625DW, DCP-L2600D, HL-L2460DN, HL-L2461DW, HL-L2400D, MFC-B7810DW, DCP-B7620DW, DCP-B7640DW, HL-B2180DW, HL-B2150W, HL-B2100D

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Brother's Software Development Kits (SDK)

The Brother Software Development Kits (SDK) provide a simple, inexpensive, and reliable means of integrating printing into your application. Add versatility and flexibility to your computer connected label and portable printer through Brother’s SDKs. Available in the box as standard, these SDK’s enable you to easily integrate your Brother label and portable printer into your existing business applications, whether they be standard or bespoke.

At present, Brother has two types of SDK.

  1. b-PAC SDK (The versions vary by OS and label printer.)
  2. RJ & PocketJet SDK / Brother Print SDK (for portable printer)

b-PAC SDK Ver.3.0 for label printers

Version 3.0 is now available and includes many new functions and features requested by users.

  1. For Windows® based PC's.
  2. Microsoft® Windows® 10 support.
  3. New interface added.
  4. Acquisition of printer status, the loaded tape size, print completion event, etc.
  5. Html help format documentation.

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RJ & PocketJet SDK / Brother Print SDK for portable printers

This SDK shows you how to control the Brother PocketJet or RJ Series directly, using commands to design and control the print out from your program.

  1. For Windows Mobile® Ver.3.1.1
  2. For .NET Compact Framework Ver.3.2.1
  3. For Android™
  4. For Apple® iPhone/iPad

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