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    We recommend updating the firmware for the following models: MFC-L2885DW, MFC-L2805DW, DCP-L2640DW, DCP-L2625DW, DCP-L2600D, HL-L2460DN, HL-L2461DW, HL-L2400D, MFC-B7810DW, DCP-B7620DW, DCP-B7640DW, HL-B2180DW, HL-B2150W, HL-B2100D

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To make sure your Brother product is genuine, follow these simple steps

Check the security label on the packaging of your Brother toner, ink or drum unit. Then go to and check the hologram matches the one displayed. You can then enter the ID from the carton for further confirmation of your product's authenticity. 

Using your Smartphone:
  • Download a data matrix code reader app (QR only reader app may not work)
  • Open the reader app, scan the Data Matrix code and enter the verification page
  • The ID will be automatically checked and you will see the green tick if the product is genuine
  • To verify further, check the hologram matches the one displayed on the verification page
  • If the code reader doesn't work please enter the information manually at

How To Identify Genuine Brother Ink Or Toners

Potential consequences of using non-genuine ink/toner


May cause Smear & Clog


May cause Faded Prints


May cause Product damage


May cause Voided Warranty

Types Of Non-genuine Ink/Toners

Compatible Ink/Toners

These compatible consumables are made by other companies and may work with machines from various manufacturers. As a result, Brother printer might not be able to recognize the ink/toners and may cause damage to your machine or produce poor print quality

Counterfeit Ink/Toners

Often advertised as cheap or discounted, these are counterfeit consumables made to look like genuine Brother products. Poorly manufactured, using these supplies may result in either inferior printouts or damage to your machine.

Spotted A Fake?

We are 100% dedicated to providing our customers with genuine Brother products. If you have come across a fake product recently, help us in our fight against piracy and report it immediately.