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Brother tape colour wheel

Versatile Laminated Tapes

Specifically designed for P-touch range of label printers, Brother’s TZe laminated tapes have been rigorously tested to withstand up to even the most unforgiving conditions. With excellent resistance to water, abrasion, chemicals and extreme temperature, TZe laminated tapes are durable and can last for a very long time.

There are also a variety of tapes colour and sizes available, such as Strong adhesive and Tamper-evident tapes range to suit various applications.

Brother Labels are tested to the extreme

Types of Tapes

SStrong Adhesive

Strong Adhesive

Ideal for the most demanding environments, with 50% more strength to stay put.

Download Technical Datasheet

Flexible ID

Flexible ID

Specially formulated to wrap securely around wires and cables.

Download Technical Datasheet



Provides a protective layer over the printed area for cable marking.

Download Technical Datasheet

Flag Die-cut

Flag Die-cut

Die-cut non-laminated flag label work well for wires and cables identification.

Download Technical Datasheet

Heat Shrink tubing for robust cable identification

Heat Shrink Tube

For robust and long-lasting cable identification.



Checkerboard pattern to indicate tampering.

Tested to the Extreme

Brother’s TZe laminated tapes are put to extreme test to showcase their durability. With laminated tape technology, TZe laminated tapes are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Please refer to our video for more information.

DK labels are available in a variety of sizes

DK Paper Labels

Brother’s DK paper labels produce address and mailing labels for file identification, folders, cabinets and shelves.

Labels can be printed from 12mm to 103mm in width and can be cut to a bespoke size where special requirements dictate. There are also a wide variety of label sizes available to choose from.

DK Continuous Length Labels

Specifically designed for QL range of label printers, DK continuous length roll technology can deliver significant cost and time savings by removing the need to use multiple rolls for different jobs.

Labels can be cut to a chosen size, for as long as 1 metre easily and quickly. There are also a wide variety of label types and sizes to choose from such as DK continuous length paper label or waterproof DK continuous length film labels. Brother’s QL-800 label printer series can print in red* and black, which will create additional standout for important information.