DIY Home Christmas Décors and Ornaments

DIY Home Christmas Décors and Ornaments

Started doing your Christmas decorations yet?

Christmas is definitely not complete without decorations and ornaments at home. Surely these décors make a big difference to every place, giving it a jovial and holiday feels.

While some of us have kept the materials used in the previous years, some still prefer using fresh, new and more customized ones. Buying new decorative stuffs every year will certainly leave your wallet a bit thinner, especially when you go to malls and end up buying unplanned materials. Brother here is to the rescue with your Christmas preparations, making sure you will achieve those decorations in mind with available tools and machines.

We have listed some DIY Home Décors and Ornaments you might want to try at home:

Christmas Cards

Although we can now simply wish our family and friends through phone calls, SMS or online platforms, some folks are still thrilled to receive Christmas cards with our handwritten greetings on them. It’s definitely a very traditional yet lovely gesture that nobody can ignore.

If you are planning for a Christmas get-together, you can send your family and friends invitation cards to let them know how you want their presence at the gathering. I bet it would be difficult for them to say no once they receive a physical and personal invite.

Apart from greetings and invitations, you can also utilize the cards for decoration. For minimalists or those living in a tiny room but would like to set that Christmas vibe, you can try printing different cards and stick them to your wall or door to make a Christmas tree pattern. Definitely worth a try especially if Christmas tree is out of your budget.

Brother Creative Center has got hundreds of free and ready-to-print templates to help you kickstart your greetings or decoration projects easier. You can also find customizable templates where you can add images, texts or any other content you wish to.

Christmas Buntings

Buntings are probably one of the easiest yet captivating ornaments you may consider when decorating your home. Since they are usually hanged from the ceiling or at the top edge of walls or doors, they surely give a lively and festive touch to a room. Plus, these are the first thing people probably notice when they enter your home so why not make it?

You can use different patterns and colors and put names or images to add more fun and to give it a personal touch.

Christmas Tree BuntingChristmas Star Bunting

Gift Boxes & Wraps

Who does not love wrapping Christmas presents? For some, this is one of the activities we look forward to during Christmas. We spend hours and hours listing names of receivers and wish lists, shopping and packing gifts.

While it may seem to be convenient to purchase gift bags and boxes from your favorite shops, nothing beats personalized and own-made gift packaging. Not only does it give you the freedom to work on whatever design you want but you can also add a personal touch to it. You can make non-traditional packaging such as a house-like or an animal-like boxes and so much more.

Snow Flake Gift BoxChristmas Gift Tags

For this activity, you will need plain or craft papers, cardboards or just about any material you prefer; as long as it will wrap or pack the gift properly. You may add ribbons or craft threads and if you still want to make it more special and personal; use a topper or a gift card. Brother Creative Center offers a variety of Christmas gift box ideas, gift tags and toppers for free and ready to print. Go ahead and explore your creativity and don’t forget to involve your family too for added fun.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

A Christmas tree is not complete without the lights and ornaments. If you are considering something new and more fun this year; you may want to skip on the typical hangers like socks, stars and Christmas balls. Instead create your own customized ornaments such as snowflakes, snowman, Christmas tree, reindeer and just about anything you can imagine.

Gingerbread House OrnamentSnow Flake Ornament

You probably think that this activity will eat a lot of your time cutting, putting pieces together, etc. But with proper tools and guides, you can easily carry through without so much hassle. Brother Creative Center has got your back for various templates with guides on how to execute the design.

To help with the cutting, the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 craft cutting machine would be your best buddy. This machine also has built-in designs and guides to help you accomplish the desired templates. You can also check Brother CanvasWorkspace for more designs and guides for this project.

Again, don’t forget to involve the kids or your friends too to make it more fun. 😊

Christmas Party Hat & Photo Props

Party hats are never out during celebrations. No matter what your age is, this piece always brings additional excitement to every attendee.

This is also one of the few stuffs you can easily make at home. You just need some cardboard or any quality paper. Print the design and follow the guides on how to properly put it together.

To make the party more fun, try setting up a photo backdrop or use photo props whenever you capture images of you and your visitors. This will definitely make them remember this moment with you every time they see the photos.

Christmas Party HatChristmas Photo Props

With a few weeks left before Christmas, you can still make the prepration something different and more fun.

Do you want to discover the other DIY projects you can do with the SDX1200? Learn more here:

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