How Brother Machines Can Lead to Business Opportunities


Printer is an essential tool for many businesses and individuals. While it may seem like a basic home or office device, printers have evolved significantly in recent years with new features and capabilities that create new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially when matched with some other machines like the Brother ScanNCut SDX-1200.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the business opportunities for printers combined with other devices which you may consider for your extra source of income.

1. Custom merchandise production

Combining Brother inkjet printer and craft cutting machine – ScanNCut SDX-1200, entrepreneurs can produce custom merchandise such as t-shirts, bags and hats. The printer can be used for printing of designs onto transfer paper. Since this will involve heavy-color printing, inkjet printers would best suit the job. Once the design is printed, the ScanNCut SDX-1200 will take care of scanning and cutting works as per the lay-out. After these, the material can be transferred onto fabric using a heat press.

You also have the option to use the Brother ScanNCut SDX-1200 alone since it already has built-in designs which you can just directly and quickly cut, and then transferred to the fabric with a heat press.

2. Printing Service

This is probably the most common business you can tap into with printers alone - production of professional-looking and high-quality invitations, stationary, and other paper products. For this venture, it is recommended to use a multi-function machine with advanced features and the capability to print in different media, especially in A3 size.

If you want to stretch the business and expand the range of products more, you can also include ScanNCut SDX-1200 to make a more customized and more creative paper products. This business is becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for unique, customized products. For templates, you can also check out Brother Creative Center and enjoy thousands of layouts to choose from – absolutely free of charge! 😊

ScanNCut SDX-1200

3. Signage Production

Take advantage of the combination of Brother ScanNCut and printer for a signage production business. This cutting machine can be used to create vinyl lettering and designs, while the printer for high-quality graphics printing onto vinyl or other materials. This can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially for those with experience in graphic design or signage making.

4. Custom Decal Production

Got Brother craft cutting machine but not a printer? You can still make the most out of it alone!

ScanNCut SDX-1200 can be used to create custom decals for businesses and individuals. This machine can cut vinyl in various shapes and sizes that be utilized for everything from car windows, laptops, to mobile phones. This is also another profitable business opportunity for those with experience in graphic design or decal making.

Pile of decals

Explore Business Opportunities with Brother Products

Brother’s products offer a range of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially for those with experience in printing, graphic designing or someone who just loves arts and crafts. Not only printers and craft cutting machine, you can also check how you can use some of your machines, for instance, label printers, scanners, etc. to leverage their capabilities in generating additional value for you and your customers. 😊

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