How to Improve your Creativity Skill

How to Improve your Creativity Skill

Creativity is finding new and innovative solutions to problems. Although this trait is not something inherent, the good news is that people can still improve this skill with practice, consistency, and persistence.

Doing things you love is important in cultivating your passion and imagination. At the same time, it helps in releasing stress. Some of us find our thing in music, sports, fashion, and movies. Some in doing arts and crafts. With the everyday hassle in your personal and professional life, how can you optimize and improve your creativity skill?

This article will help you revive and develop your creative skill with some simple and smart moves:

Practice Mindful Observation

Go out and sit somewhere. Look around you and notice your surroundings using all your senses. You will be surprised how much observation you can make by doing this exercise.

Try to focus on the things you are passionate about and keep an eye on how things work. Have an open mind and acknowledge all the possibilities you can think of on how you can do better and what you want to do more in this area.

Set Your Creative Time

While searching for resources, Brother Creative Center is a good source of reference with thousands of free customizable templates to help you kickstart your next craft. You can find lots of inspiration here –

Creative DIY Halloween crafts

Get Rid of your Fear of Failure

Creating your craft allows you to be creative and to express yourself in different ways using whatever resources available. It gives you the freedom to do what you want, make mistakes, and resolve them.

Remember that part of improving yourself is making mistakes, so don’t be scared and just keep going on until you accomplish whatever you imagined of with your craft.

During this process, be flexible, patient, and open to all alterations and possibilities. Try to stick with what you want to achieve but allow yourself to explore too.

Look for Innovative Ways and Products to Help with Your Crafts

Creativity involves looking for innovative ways to solve problems and to make things better and easier. You may find scraps or some secondhand materials valuable and use different tools and machines to help you create your crafts with ease. However you want them done, that’s a good jumpstart to creating something new!

Just like the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200, this machine makes cutting different types of materials from vinyl and card to soft fabrics and leathers easier, allowing you to create a huge variety of home décor, gifts, and materials for your home or office – completely personalized!

This innovative cutting solution is ideal for sewists, scrapbookers, or any other hobbyists who do a lot of cutting for their crafts. Simply scan the photo or hand-drawn sketch and let the SDX1200 do the exact perfect cutting for you.

Say goodbye to the time and energy-consuming manual cutting for your craft!

Brother SDX1200 Craft Cutting Machine

Display and Use your Crafts

One of the best ways to motivate you to create your crafts is to see their value and actually use them.  Some of your crafts may not be display-worthy or perfect for others to see but doing this will surely increase your passion and interest in your craft, therefore improving your creativity more!


Creativity is not an innate skill. It takes time and effort to grow and nurture.

The key is to start doing it and not be afraid of taking risks. Stay consistent, persistent, and keep searching for solutions and products that will allow you to achieve what you want and express your creativity.

Remember that creativity is a skill, and it takes time and practice to progress. You will realize your potential and nurture your creativity once you start to form something. 

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