Making Ramadan More Personal

Ramadan is one of the most important observances for Muslims worldwide. At the start of Ramadan, practicing Muslims exercise fasting, praying and reflecting for an entire month in order to devote themselves to their faith, build self-discipline and refrain from indulging to activities that may hinder their relationship with Allah.

As part of the tradition and celebration, especially in the Arab region, it is typical for people to give gifts to families, friends or colleagues, may it be Muslim or non-Muslim.

As the season is fast approaching, we have listed down some of the common gifts that you may consider, and we hope this would save some of your time searching for one.

Ramadan Gift List

  • Scarf

    This gift usually applies to women, though there are already some scarves that are designed for men. Women in general like scarf for its different purposes. It can be worn as a hijab (for Muslim women) or a simple head cover in replacement of a cap or umbrella especially during summer season, or a body cover during winter, or simply for fashion or style.

    It may be a small and simple item to give, but if you go and find some quality material and a color that would match the receiver’s personality or preference, then it will surely be a good addition to her wardrobe and will surely love to have it.

    To make it personalized, add an embroidery with the receiver’s initials or a Ramadan Kareem calligraphy.

  • Lantern

    Other than the moon, lantern also symbolizes the holy month. This is a very good option for gift, because why not? Lanterns bring peace, positivity and joy, especially the colorful ones. During Ramadan, you can pretty much see lanterns everywhere in malls, houses and other public places.

    Lanterns do not only serve its purpose which is to give light, but also act as decoration. They can be displayed in any part of the house and can give warm glow and shadows that reflect the unique patterns of the lantern when lighted.

    This is best for people who love embracing and being surrounded with tradition and culture.

  • Aromatic Candle with Lamp

    If you or perhaps the receiver, adores lights and candles, then this is also a good and affordable option for you. This is almost the same as lantern except that it needs candle if you are going to use it for its purposes – lighting and aroma. The good thing about this is that you have the option to use the candle you like or the smell you love. Lamps also come in different designs, sizes and colors so they can also be used as decoration when not lighted.

    This is a popular gift especially when running low on budget as you can also personalize it as per the preferred aroma of the receiver.

  • Gift Box / Basket

    Who doesn’t get excited with gift baskets? Regardless of your age, you will surely get a smile on your face when you receive one.

    There are lots of pre-packed gift baskets available in store or even online, however, you can also create one yourself depending on your budget and the recipient’s preferences. You can include mix of sweets, nuts, dates, dried nuts, chocolates, cookies or just about anything you want. Whatever’s in the box, it will surely make the season more festive and more fun for the recipient.

    Don’t forget to wrap them up and add your personalized Ramadan greetings with a greeting card and a label or a ribbon.

  • Prayer mat

    Prayer mat is a good option considering that Ramadan is a month of prayers and worshipping. Not only during Ramadan, but this can be used all throughout the year or even for a lifetime until the receiver feels the need to replace it.

    Prayer mat is a very personal and intimate item for Muslims as they use this for worshipping God several times a day. Giving this as a gift will surely remind and encourage the receiver to take part of the holy activities especially during this month and will make them feel very special.

  • Greeting Cards

    Nowadays, cards are considered underrated as you can simply send your greetings electronically. For others though, this is still considered as a very personal and intimate way of remembering someone.

    There are lots of ready-made greeting cards which you can find in stores, however, if you want to make it more personalized, you can also do it yourself. Brother Creative Center has got loads of editable and printable greeting cards specifically for the month of Ramadan and for other occasions too.

    Try to involve your kids in this activity and you will surely have an amazing time creating them.

Making your gifts more personalized

When preparing for the gift items, make sure you are equipped with resources that can help you reach your desired outcome with ease and fun. Brother label printers can help you create customized labels with your greetings using colored or clear tapes and even with a ribbon. Make as many labels as you want as the machines are very handy, easy to use, and come in three languages such as Arabic, Persian and English.

As for the greeting cards, Brother Creative Center can help you with ready to print and editable templates not only for Ramadan, for other occasions as well. Simply visit our site and select from the hundreds of available lay-out to choose from.

With Ramadan coming in few weeks, you should be preparing your list of recipients by now. No need to spend thousands of dirhams for gifts and just remember that no matter how big or small it is, it’s always the thought the counts. You just have to put a little effort and add a personal touch to it. Oh, and don’t forget to write your own wish list too!

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