Understanding and Maintaining Your Printer

Understanding your printer can not only allow you to use it easily and smoothly but can also give you an advantage on how to resolve minor issues when they arise and save on unnecessary repair costs. Most of the time, your printer’s problems are common and basic and you can easily resolve them on your own. However, you should also be aware of when to call technical support or take it to a Brother service center for more appropriate actions when needed.

This article discusses points that will help you get to know your machine more. 

Common Printer Problems and Quick Solutions

  • Paper Jams

    Paper jam is probably one of the most common problems in a printer and the solution is as simple as doing a proper paper alignment. When this happens, remove the stack of paper and arrange them properly in the same orientation before loading them back into the document feeder. Make sure also to not overload the feeder so the paper can go smoothly.

    This is the most basic troubleshooting in this situation. If you still get the same problem again and again even after proper paper alignment, you might want to contact your local service center for technical support.

  • Streaks

    Lines or pointless marks on your printouts are typically caused by the accumulation of dust, dirt, or fluid in your printer. The solution is to find out where the possible build-up is and try to remove the dirt or debris carefully without harming the machine more.

    See more helpful information here - Troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

  • Error Message

    Watch out for error messages when you use the printer. Though you can resolve most of the issues on your own like a simple paper jam, and ink or toner replacement, not all error messages can be fixed easily, and you might want to consider taking your printer to the nearest service center location for a proper diagnosis and fixing.

  • Loud Noise

    Printers are likely to make a little noise when working, especially if they are already a bit old. However, if your printer starts making unusual and louder noises, chances are it has some parts that are not working properly, or your machine is about to wear down.

    Whatever the reason is, if you still want to keep and repair the printer, then it’s time to take it to a service center for a proper check-up.

  • Poor Image or Print Quality

    Using Brother Genuine Supplies assures you of consistent, high-quality prints. But over time debris builds up on the print head which will affect the print quality. Running the print head cleaning utility usually solves the issue. However, if your printer is still not working as per your standards, then it could be a more serious problem, and trying to fix it yourself might do worse. In this case, it would be helpful to reach out to your local service center to identify and resolve the issue.

Maintaining Your Printer

Just like any other machines or electronics, your printer can also get weary and thus needs maintenance and proper care. Here are some ways you can keep it running smoothly and possibly prolong its life:

  • Eliminate Dust!

    Some printers at home are not used as often as that in the office. When a printer is barely used and unnoticed, there is a chance for dust and small debris to accumulate even if you try to store it properly or place it on a good shelf. Unfortunately, these small particles in the printer especially in the belt and nozzles are threats and can cause paper jams and lousy printouts.

    It’s important to know basic routines to maintain and prolong the machine’s life. One way to preserve your printer is to eliminate dust and small debris, especially from sensitive parts. You can use a brush, a cloth, or a portable vacuum cleaner to do the work. Be mindful though not to spread the dust inside the casing to avoid further issues.

  • Resolve (Minor) Errors

    Getting printing errors too often might cause you to panic, especially in an urgent situation and chances are you will end up tugging or shaking it out of frustration. Doing these won’t do any good though. What you can do is refer to the manual or the error messages from the machine itself, and follow the instructions to troubleshoot, otherwise, call technical support or take it to your Brother service center for a suitable solution.

    inserting ink cartridge

  • Maintenance Is the Key!

    Your printer can start having issues in the long run, especially if not taken care of or if mishandled.

    Not all printers come cheap, therefore, it is necessary to give them proper maintenance occasionally if you want to keep it for long and in good condition.

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Brother Service Center Locations

Brother provides a range of printing solutions to both household and corporate consumers. Even if you buy a brand new machine, chances of failure or issues with hardware or software are inevitable. As mentioned, understanding your printer gives you the liberty and capacity to resolve minor issues and save money, however, in case of more serious problems, it is still best to call your local service center to help you out.

Brother values our customers and understands the need for technical and repair support for our products. We make sure that wherever our products go, so as our services. We have service centers located across the Gulf, Africa, and Levant regions, as well as in countries like Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Trust only our authorized Brother service providers for all your printer repair needs!

Brother International Gulf FZE offers a wide range of multifunction printers, scanners, sewing machines, and label printers. As the central hub, it manages a vast network of authorized distributors across the Middle East, Levant, and substantial parts of Africa, including South Africa, ensuring accessibility and distribution.