Looking for upsized possibilities? Here’s why you should consider an A3 printer.

Looking for upsized possibilities? Here’s why you should consider an A3 printer.

If you are in search of a printing solution for your home or office, the common choice would most likely be the regular A4 printer. After all, they are widely available and will enable you to start printing standard documents without much fuss. As with any purchase, it would be great if you could enjoy more functionality and productivity on your investment, and that’s why we believe that you should consider getting an A3 printer instead.

A4 or A3 printers – what’s the difference?

Simply put, an A3 printer is a device which is capable of handling paper sizes up to A3 size (29.7 x 42 cm).

This means that A3 printers can not only print at up to double the dimensions of a standard A4 office document, but everything in between as well.

This gives you greater versatility when it comes to your printing options while ensuring that your everyday printing needs are well-covered too.

Make a bigger impact without the bulk

When it comes to making an impact, nothing beats a large, vibrant printout. Whether it’s creating an attention-grabbing marketing poster, a presentation chart, or even a sales brochure, having the ability to print A3 materials in-house can truly open up a world of creative possibilities.

Best of all, rather than being the bulky, space-eating devices that you might expect, today’s A3 printers and MFCs can be found in sleek, compact designs that barely take up more space than the average A4 printer, making them suitable for not only office environments, but within your home workspace too.

Types of A3 printers available

Although there are some A3 laser printer models in the market, it is much more common to find an A3 inkjet printer.

With fast print speeds of up to 28 images per minute1, the ability to print vibrant color graphics and images, crisp lines and clear text, and cost-saving features such as Brother’s Refill Tank System which allows for quick and fuss-free refills using ultra high-yield ink bottles, Brother’s inkjet printers offer a unique blend of performance, print quality, and cost-effectiveness that simply cannot be beaten.

Best of all, these modern A3 printers come packed with the latest wireless and mobile connectivity to ensure that you have the freedom to stay productive from wherever you are.

Finding the perfect A3 printer for your needs

Now that you’ve gained a better understanding of the many benefits of an A3 printing solution, where can you find the right device for your specific needs? Brother recently released its latest lineup of A3 Business Printers. Find yours today here.

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