PR1055X Embroidery Machine
PR1055X - Ten Needle Embroidery Machine

PR1055X Ten Needle Embroidery Machine

The PR1055X incorporates many features which work together to enhance your productivity. Ten needles give you a much wider range of colors. Coupled with an extra-large embroidery area and intelligent camera positioning sensor, the PR1055X offers increased versatility and precision.

The compact design makes it the ideal embroidery machine for small businesses or even within the home, and makes it portable enough to take to events. A wide variety of accessories give you the flexibility to embroider a huge range of items.
Get acquainted with the PR1055X’s features here
PR680W - Six Needle Embroidery Machine

PR680W Six Needle Embroidery Machine

The PR680W incorporates all the user-friendly features you’d expect to find in Brother’s home embroidery machine range, combined with the speed, accuracy and finish of a commercial model. Perfect for anyone thinking to start a business or for those looking to add embroidery services to an existing business. See what makes the PR680W perfect for you here
PR680W Embroidery Machine
VR Embroidery Machine
VR - Single Needle Embroidery Machine

VR Single Needle Embroidery Machine

Designed to deliver the most intricate embroidery with a crisp, accurate finish, this high-speed embroidery machine also quickly converts into a free-motion quilting machine. Built with Brother’s 100+ years of expertise, the VR lets you easily personalize everything with custom embroidery designs; from towels and clothes to bags, shoes and dog collars. Get acquainted with the VR’s features here
Embroidery Machine Comparison Chart
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Embroidery Machine Features - Super Easy Needle Threading

Super Easy Needle

Unlike most commercial embroidery machines, our range features automatic needle threading. Simply press the button! It couldn’t be easier than that.
Embroidery Machine Features -  Intuitive Interface


Our embroidery machines are intuitive to operate and totally user-friendly. No ugly looking, commercial style screens here! We’ve spent a long time developing easy-to-use color touchscreens that our customers love.
Embroidery Machine Features -  Accurate Embroidery Pattern Positioning

Embroidery Pattern

The hardest part of embroidery can be making sure you embroider in the correct place, especially if you’re new to machine embroidery. With the PR1055X there’s no such problem – we’ve provided a built-in camera to help you position your design exactly where you want to embroider it, all in real-time!
Embroidery Machine Features - LED Pointer for Pattern Positioning

LED Pointer For

Use the built-in LED pointer on the VR and PR680W (crosshair type) embroidery machines to help you start your embroidery in exactly the right spot. The LED pointer shows you the needle-drop position. Just another user-friendly feature we’ve designed in to help you perfectly position your embroidery designs.
Embroidery Machine Features - Embroidery Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials And
Help Guides

Our machines all come with on-screen video tutorials and several built-in help guides that will guide you through any embroidery question you may have. Whatever your query, we’re always at your side.
Embroidery Machine Features - Built-in Embroidery Fonts and Designs

Variety Of Built-in Fonts And Designs

The PR and VR embroidery range comes with a generous amount of built-in fonts, so personalizing items with names and phrases is child's play. Simply enter the text your customer wants onto the color touchscreen, select the size, even choose to curve or extrude the letters - all in a few easy steps.
Embroidery Machine Features - Additional

Additional features which makes business sense:

  • Variable speed: 400 to 1,000 stitches per minute Select the best embroidery speed for your project or choose different speeds for individual needles to suit specialty threads.
  • Link up to 10 machines via Wireless LAN with the PR608W and PR1055X
    With the PE‑Design 11 software (separate purchase required), it’s possible to link up to 10 machines via a single PC to enhance productivity. Or link up to 4 machines with the PR670E via USB cables.
    Send designs to multiple machines. Queue name changes with the new name drop feature. Ideal when making personalized items such as team shirts.
  • Automatic frame determination
    Detect the attached frame and display its contents directly on the screen.
Embroidery Machine Features - My Design Center

My Design Center
(for PR1055X)

My Design Center integrates seamlessly with the PR embroidery machines’ Camera Scanning Technology to offer new design capabilities at your fingertips, all without a PC. Draw or doodle directly onto the LCD display, and watch your design spring to life in the large drawing area.

Or, use the scanning frame to scan line art, handwriting or printed clip art and have it transformed into embroidery data. Easily add stippling or fill patterns to your embroidery designs and quilt blocks.
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Our wide variety of frames give you the versatility to embroider a wide range of products.

Want to see our machines in action?

Have a look at what you can embroider with the wide variety of frames available.
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Caps
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Denim Jackets
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Shoes
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Shirts
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Shirts
Embroidery Machine - Custom Designs
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Shirts
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Canvas
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Caps
Embroidery Machine - Personalized Shirt