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Labelling Solutions

A wide range of desktop, handheld and portable label printers for home, offices and all other business types.

Desktop Label Printers
Desktop Label Printers

Brother has a wide range of 4 inch label printers. From address label printers for homes and offices to professional label printers that can be customised with various accessories as part of a wider solution.

P-touch durable label printers
P-touch durable label printers

P-touch labels are incredibly durable and can be trusted to last indoors or outside for many years. They withstand chemicals, water, sunlight, abrasion, extremes of temperatures and more.

Brother Label Printers

Label printers from a trusted manufacturer

Brother label printers have been trusted for over 30 years by businesses and individuals to print custom labels, on demand. There's a wide choice of paper or durable plastic labels for virtually all your labelling needs.

  • Wide range of handheld, desktop and PC connectable models
  • Various connectivity options including wired, wireless and Bluetooth
  • Print from PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet devices
  • All backed up with advice and support from a global leader in printing technology

Durable, long-life labels you can trust

Brother P-touch labels (TZe) last for many years, whether indoors or outside. The secret is in the unique clear laminated top layer that protects your text to many extreme conditions. Brother P-touch print technology is not found in any other brands of label printer, and therefore are the only labels to have this hard wearing laminated overcoat automatically applied.

P-touch laminated labels have been "tested to the extreme" and are resistant to:
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Chemicals
  • Abrasion
  • Extremes of temperatures

Brother P-touch labels are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

TZe labels information

Print your own labels on demand

There are so many items that businesses and home users need to quickly identify with a label. Brother P-touch label printers are available in desktop, handheld or PC connectable models and can also print labels from your smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Typical labelling applications include:
  • File folders, storage boxes and USB pen drives
  • Valuable assets and equipment
  • Name badges
  • Filing cabinets and shelving
  • Plugs and cables
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