Network Infrastructure Labelling Solution

Network Infrastructure Labelling Solution

Proper labelling is essential in not only data center performance and reliability, but also in high-performing enterprise networks. To keep data centers and networks running smoothly, it is important to know what’s being deployed where, what each component’s purpose is and what it is connected to. The advantage of a clearly labelled infrastructure is that system components can be quickly and accurately identified to facilitate fault tracking and replacement; so that the downtime impact on infrastructure and business services will be as minimal as possible

Industrial Cabling Standards

Brother has been given UL mark license on the Brother TZe tapes that have been tested and certified to become a UL recognized component under the UL-969 standard, Marking and Labelling Systems.

Durable Labels

Brother Pro Tape range, part of the TZe laminated tape series, is designed to be used in various indoor, outdoor, hot, and cold environments. The tapes are resistant against liquid, grease, acidic and alkaline chemicals, fading caused by UV rays and abrasion. Designed to be super thin, yet technologically elegant, the label contents are protected by clear laminated film. Labels printed from Brother Pro Tape range are engineered to achieve industrial standards across manufacturing, datacom, electrical, chemical, and general business applications.

Ideal Labels for Datacom Specialists

Brother offers a wide variety of labels specially designed for data centers.

Labels for Network Racks Labels for Data Cables

Safety and Facility Signages Labels

Printer resolution determines the clarity of the labels and this is critical when you want to keep things organized and ensure work safety standard is not compromised.

Electrical Labels - Hazard Signages

Safety and facility signages (like safety instructions and electrical hazard) and voltage marking labels for electrical equipment/enclosures/panelboards and excreta must be properly marked.

The Brother Pro Tape range is available in a variety of industry standard colors such as red, fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow-come in handy for producing eye-catching safety labels for on-the-spot safety inspections.

Cables and Wires Identification

Create professional labels to increase work efficiency and productivity with Brother heat shrink tubes. The non-adhesive heat shrink tube is wound in Brother TZe tape cassette in flat tube form. After printing, the tube can be open and pass through a cable or wire. Apply heat with a heat gun, the tube will shrink to fit and grip itself onto the cable or wire.

Cable Management - Heat Shrink Tube Label

The Brother flag tape is suitable for small diameter cables from 2.0mm to 8.0mm, making it ideal for fibre optic cable identification. The label is in a special pre-cut shape. Once printed the long “tail” can be placed around the cable and the label can be folded over the tail to lock the label into position.

Cable Management - Flag Tapes

For wider diameter cables that are 3mm or more, the flexible ID tapes in Brother Pro Tape range are suitable for creating cable wraps. The flexible ID tape is also suitable for use on other tightly curved surfaces such as pipes and conduits. Barcodes and other detailed information can be included when used in the style of a cable flag.

Brother Labelling Tapes for Datacom Centers

The Brother Pro Tape range has been developed and tested to meet the needs of electrical and datacom professionals who require dependable, durable, long term identification solutions.

As a leader in print innovation and the preferred choice for the installation and identification of voice and data cables in the telecom and datacom industry worldwide, discover how Brother Labelling Solutions can help you with your needs.

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