Getting the Most Out of Your Printer’s Consumables

Getting the Most Out of Your Printer’s Consumables

A lot of us have already embraced the work-from-home set-up. Besides the most common equipment like computers and laptops, some have already invested on printer for higher productivity and efficiency.

While this trend has increased over the past years, it’s likely that your consumables and printing cost have also increased drastically. Not to mention the added waste of those empty ink or toner cartridges that you simply throw out once they run dry.

Well, here’s the good news – there are several ways you can get the most out of your consumables.

We will share some handy tips to maximize your consumables, keep your running costs low and more importantly, reduce waste!

Ensure your printer fits your needs!

If you have not decided on the type of printer to buy yet, then this is the time for you to consider and answer these questions to make sure you will make the right choice.

  1. Type of document you expect to print. Are they in color or monochrome?
  2. Print volume. How many pages a month do you expect to print?
  3. Does the multifunction device support cloud connectivity or include scanning features that allow you to digitize your work?

Remember that making the wrong decision in terms of printers and consumables can result in paper and toner or ink wastage. This will leave you with an increase in running costs and worse, damage to the environment.

Do our printers have sustainability features?

Our printers feature a technology that allows you to print smarter and in a way that reduces your printing cost and the wastage of consumables.

For instance, you can opt to print in draft mode, in monochrome or black and white when printing internal documents with simple texts, and when color ink is not necessary. Some of our MFCs also have a toner save function that allows you to save toner when printing this type of document.

You can also maximize the page by using both sides to minimize the use of paper. This is particularly cost-efficient when printing high volume of documents.

Lastly, our printers have the option to keep them in eco mode, sleep, or deep sleep to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption when not in use.

Ever considered high-yield cartridges for your machine?

Purchasing high-yield cartridges may be a bit expensive on the initial investment. However, with the number of pages you can print and the less frequency you need to change the cartridges, you can significantly reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the long run.

Remember as well to wait until the cartridges are completely empty before you replace them. Some printers will give a warning before the ink or toner comes to its end. But guess what? you do not need to rush to replace them. In fact, you can do a quick check-up by taking the cartridge out and giving it a little shake to distribute the remaining powder inside. You may be surprised how many more printouts you can produce before they actually run out! 😊

What Value-Added Benefits you can offer to the Workflow?

With the continuous adaptation of the work-from-home set-up by most companies, the digitalization of documents and automation of process workflows have also been embraced tremendously. These changes allow the employees to work effectively even in a remote setting.

Brother MFCs can help with more than just printing your documents. With its added features such as cloud connectivity and advanced scanning capabilities, they can very well help with digitizing documents. This allows you to not only work with continued efficiency but to also minimize the usage of your consumables.


It has been a usual practice by most of us to simply throw cartridges when they ran out. The heavy metals composing the cartridges badly pollute the soil and water, and it takes hundreds of years for a single cartridge to decompose. Unfortunately, 375 million empty cartridges are not recycled, thrown, and left in landfills every year. Imagine how many centuries it will take for all those to decompose?

The good news is, there is actually a responsible way to dispose of your empty cartridges without damaging our environment. You just have to exert a little effort to release that desire and commitment to help save the earth.

Brother is a proud sponsor and full funding partner of the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark recycling program. The program provides you with a free, convenient, environmentally accredited, and guaranteed way to recycle used printer cartridges.

To learn more about Brother Group’s commitment to realizing a sustainable society, please visit

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